Beautifying the forgotten elements and tools of our past by repurposing them into high functioning art. We believe there is a story behind all objects, that they all possess a past and our goal is to not only provide the story of each different component that makes up each piece of art but give them a new life, in a new form in order to continue their story.


There is so much beauty in the hand crafted tools and vintage machinery of the past, created for a purpose but not without a vision. We use parts of these visions to enhance our own, focused on an industrial vibe but with elements of raw materials such as beautiful wood slabs, natural fibers and raw metals. We preserve original finishes if possible through our Reclaimed process of heating and cooling, oiling and waxing on metals, old world woodworking techniques, powder coating, and many other ways we have formulated through trial and error of bringing back to life what was once rusty and neglected.


We are firm believers in visual harmony and high functionality. No two pieces are identical since we use salvaged items, even down to hardware. Every piece will have a number if we do a design series and will be signed.


We are so pleased to bring you our minds creations. 


-Reclaimed Designs


“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” 

Pablo Picasso 







  1. rare, exotic, or obscure.

    "a few linguistic terms are perhaps a bit recherché for the average readership"

    synonyms:obscure, rare, esoteric, abstruse, arcane, recondite, exotic, strange, unusual, unfamiliar, out of the ordinary

    "these wearable art pieces ashara creates are recherché"