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Spending today with my favorite Singer.

"A wonderful and inspiring evening, learning about the artist behind ARecherche. Learning of her beginnings, her loves and the basis for her design was well worth attending. We also saw her at work in a live demo and were able to shop her new collection before it went live."

A. Rechere is Ashara Shapiro’s latest venture. Launching October 25-27, the jewelry and accessories are storied items that have gone through a transformation. Antique items that have lost their function in modern daily life are turned into pieces both elegant and edgy.  

October 12, 2018

A local artist focuses on positivity, creativity, and community during the COVID-19 crisis.


by Bill Donahue


Consider Ashara Shapiro an unapologetic optimist. Despite the unprecedented upheaval caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, from the big (widespread sickness and death) to the small (school closures and other inconveniences), she has found ways to grow, appreciate the value of stillness, and make a difference in the world around her. 


Ashara Shapiro, artist and owner of A.Recherche, a fashion design firm, focuses on empowerment and design artistry through her work. She breathes new life into reclaimed pieces and creates wearable art. Every piece she creates is thoughtful and unique. Her work is custom and personalized through design meetings, where she creates concepts that speak to her clients memories, joys, and loves.


Mercantile’s mission statement reads, “We envision the Mercantile as a collaborative of makers who wish to share their art through dialogue and demonstration and work together to bring greater awareness to the rich history of the arts in Bucks County.” 

November 2021


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