1. rare, exotic, or obscure.

    "a few linguistic terms are perhaps a bit recherché for the average readership"

    synonyms:obscure, rare, esoteric, abstruse, arcane, recondite, exotic, strange, unusual, unfamiliar, out of the ordinary

    "these wearable art pieces ashara creates are recherché" 

 Ashara Shapiro 

Ashara has always had a love of vintage and antique items. She loves the romantic notion of their past, the care they were given and the many hands that the item passed through in its lifetime. That notion has translated into this unique art form of preserving and cherishing materials no matter how small.

Visual harmony is not a choice for her but a inescapable necessity in all things she creates. The balance of these art pieces and their function is her prime focus. 

The idea that through the creation of one of a kind pieces we can cherish others creative visions and passions and reinvent them brings great joy to her process.

Ashara can see the finished product at the inception stage which allows her to forsee and solve complications in it's engineering. 

She is a lover of the arts in it's many forms and has the desire to constantly create. Our limit is our imagination and hers is boundless.




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-T.S. Eliot